I started following and listening to Flume a little before he made it big and got really popular. His music was just amazing and different than the usual. Flume was my first solo DJ concert/rave. I went with my best friend Jessica and had such a blast! This is the longest concert I’ve been to and the one where I can say that the money I paid for was worth it. The concert started at around 8pm and did not end till like 1:30 a.m! I got in trouble for getting home so late since it was on a Sunday and I had class at 7 a.m the next day lol but it was totally worth it.


The experience was incredible! Jessica and I kinda got separated at a point cuz the concert was general admission and I met some pretty cool people around me. (Guess I should specify that by “cool people” I actually mean hot shirtless guys around me) Everyone was so into the music I personally relaxed and had so much fun.

Something else that I really liked were the lights and his backgrounds. They were so colorful and the way the lights projected were really cool.



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