The Vamps


The Vamps concert was actually a late birthday present for my sister. Funny story the concert was the day of my birthday lol. I knew only a handful of songs but that didn’t stop me from having fun.

They way they interact with their crowd was one of the things I really enjoyed. They got everyone to get up and dance and just let lose.


They had specials guest who were the janoskians! The janoskians came out during girls on tv, where they were dressed as girls and mid song took the wigs off and started goofing around on stage with The Vamps.



My sister and I were waiting for my mom to pick us up on the street when a car pulled up next to and and waited at the stop light. I look over and see that skip lowered the window and was just chilling with everyone! I literally ran up to their car without even looking if there were any cars coming and started chatting with them. I was so excited and they were some of the most down to earth guys ever.

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