January Favorites!


Welcome to the first post of favorites for this year.

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Starting with products the first thing we have is the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette. I’ve had this palette for a while but this month I really used it. I would mostly use it for work and ocacionally for other events. My favorite thing about this is the colors that is has. Its a perfect blend of nudes and shimmery. You can create a very simple look or go as bold as you want!


The next item in the picture is the Wet n Wild nail polish in the tone casting call. My favorite color this month has been pink and this polish goes well with everything. I love wet n wild because their nail polish last a long time.

The NYC Big Bold Volume mascara is the mascara that I use as my first coat. I love the wand because it separates the lashes and doesn’t leave them clumpy.


The Lint Roller is my new best friend. Since January was a cold month I would mostly use sweaters, and often these sweaters would leave their little fuzz behind (especially on leggings). I purchased the lint roller at forever21 and it was only $1. Its ver small and very practical to take on the go.

And the final item on the list is probably my favorite one out of the 5. I got this Contigo travel mug as a Christmas present and it BLEW MY MIND! This travel mug keeps your coffee/hot beverages hot for over 4+ hours!! Yes 4 hours or more. I could not believe it. The first day I used it I made coffee at home that I was gonna take to work. I pretty much made the coffee, stood at the border for about 2 hours finally got to work and it had been like 3+ hours since I made it. I was expecting it to be warm but when I took a sip I burnt my tongue. Im also the type of person who makes coffee and lets it sit for a bit to chill but ends up forgetting so by the time I remember its already cold. So this has got to be the perfect Travel mug ever!

Music Favorites ♪

I feel it coming – The Weeknd, Daft Punk

Nana – Polo & Pan 

Holdin On – Flume

Tompkins Square Park – Mumford & Sons

As you can see my music favorites are all over the place lol. These are just songs that have really been on repeat on my spotify and that I have really enjoyed this month.

Pura Vida


Pura Vida is a coffee shop located in Bariro Logan in San Diego. Their theme is so cute, its one of my favorite designs ever. Pretty much it focuses on the Mexican culture and uses decorations like Frida Kahlo, “El Pato” sauce containers as flower vases and mexican inspired art.



My friend Jessica was the one who told me about this place. We went together and each ordered something different. I got the Horchata iced latte and she got the chai latte.



I’ve always wanted to have my go to coffee place where the barista knew me from going in so often he pretty much knew what “the usual please” mean. And Cabaceto is exactly that coffee shop of my dreams.

Cabaceto is located on my way to school in Playas de Tijuana. Its on one of the main streets and the outside looked nice which made me stop one day to check it out. I fell in love right away and basically couldn’t help myself from stopping so often.


In the picture above we have a vanilla late, Iced Chai and a chocolate chip oreo cookie!

Viva Las Vegas!


Vegas is a place my family and I visit almost every summer. Its one of our favorite getaways to just chill.


The gelato booth inside the Caesar’s Palace is my sister’s and I’s favorite treat for the hot weather.

Most of the time we are walking down the strip and going over to the malls. When its too hot we go to the pool and relax the whole day there. Another reason we visit Vegas is cuz we have family there, so its nice to stop by and say hello.



Another one of my family’s and I’s place to stop by is Carlo’s Bakery. The pastries they have there are soooo good we always end up buying 4 each #sorrynotsorry


On our last visit I discovered a new place on the way to Vegas called Seven Magic Mountains. Its so pretty and the rocks look fake. They are  huge and super colorful as you can see in the picture above.

Ho Chi Minh Trail


Something that I love about San Diego is the many hiking trails that it has. This trail is sort of a local’s hidden trail that not everyone knows about its basically hidden. The trail literally starts between two houses in La Jolla. Not gonna lie it’s a little dangerous but the view is stunning and the beach at the end of the trail is a great reward.


If you’re ever in San Diego you should definitely check this trail out! Not gonna completely say where exactly it is but this is the address you need to get there: 9883 La Jolla Farms Rd, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA. Good luck and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did.

Del Mar Fair


The Del Mar Fair is one of my favorite places to go during the summer. It is filled with fun attractions and great food. My favorite ride is the one called crazy mouse. It is a little cart that spins and has small falls.


There is so many food options that its honesty hard to pick a few. Some of the fair favorites include funnel cakes, chicken served on a pineapple, basically anything that can possibly be fried for example oreos, frog legs, twinkies and other things.


The ferris wheel is a must and my favorite time to go on it is during sunset. Since the beach is right next to it you get a pretty view of the sunset and of the whole fair.


Kaaboo 2016


Kaaboo was my first music festival ever. This festival took place in Del Mar, California right next to the beach. It was three days long and the line up was pretty cool. The people I got to see were The Chainsmokers, Rebelution, Capital Cities, Grouplove, Echosmith, SnoopDog, Fall Out Boy, The Struts, Flo Rida and others which I can’t think of right now.


This festival was paradise for me considering that concerts are something that I absolutely love. I went to this festival with my two best friends Caro & Camille.


One of the nights was completely crazy. Basically Steve Aoki was one of the headlines but they put him in a closed space inside the festival. Clearly everyone wanted to see him but the space was so limited. We ended up not being able to get in and everyone was getting mad. The police came and pretty much shut down the festival for the night. We wanted to head back to the hotel since it was like 1 a.m but none of the ubers could get in because the police had blocked all entries to the festival. We ended up walking back to the hotel which took about 45 min. We were all so over it tbh but I’m glad I can laugh about it now.



Another great memory is that somehow we were able to sneak in alcohol into the venue. This is so horrible but honestly the struggle of not being 21 lol. I sneaked in tequila and added it to pink lemonade and it was so good. Evidence is right above on the picture of me holding it.


So many of the artist blew me away especially Grouplove and Capital Cities. The were both amazing I’m so glad I got to see them preform. Another act that honestly was so much fun and wild was chainsmokers. Alex ate shit on stage which was pretty funny and their set was mind blowing.