Kaaboo 2016


Kaaboo was my first music festival ever. This festival took place in Del Mar, California right next to the beach. It was three days long and the line up was pretty cool. The people I got to see were The Chainsmokers, Rebelution, Capital Cities, Grouplove, Echosmith, SnoopDog, Fall Out Boy, The Struts, Flo Rida and others which I can’t think of right now.


This festival was paradise for me considering that concerts are something that I absolutely love. I went to this festival with my two best friends Caro & Camille.


One of the nights was completely crazy. Basically Steve Aoki was one of the headlines but they put him in a closed space inside the festival. Clearly everyone wanted to see him but the space was so limited. We ended up not being able to get in and everyone was getting mad. The police came and pretty much shut down the festival for the night. We wanted to head back to the hotel since it was like 1 a.m but none of the ubers could get in because the police had blocked all entries to the festival. We ended up walking back to the hotel which took about 45 min. We were all so over it tbh but I’m glad I can laugh about it now.



Another great memory is that somehow we were able to sneak in alcohol into the venue. This is so horrible but honestly the struggle of not being 21 lol. I sneaked in tequila and added it to pink lemonade and it was so good. Evidence is right above on the picture of me holding it.


So many of the artist blew me away especially Grouplove and Capital Cities. The were both amazing I’m so glad I got to see them preform. Another act that honestly was so much fun and wild was chainsmokers. Alex ate shit on stage which was pretty funny and their set was mind blowing.




This band is the BEST thing in the whole world!! I have no words to describe how amazing they are and how good they sound live. The first song I ever heard was chocolate. The beat was so catchy I just needed to know more about them.

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This picture is from the first time I saw them live. It was at a venue called soma and it was the best/worst experience of my life! I’m pretty sure they sold too many tickets cuz it was packed! I was literally shoved, elbowed, stepped on and got my hair pulled by a girl (I wish I was lying). This show was nuts! So many girls yelling and pushing to make their way to the front I could not believe it.

I was so lucky to make it to the front. I got to the venue at 5 and there was already a line so I knew my chance of being close was over. Luckily a friend who got there early let me cut so I was a little closer in the line. The main reason why I made it to the front was cuz of chaos. Around half and hour before the doors opened the line went out of control and everyone ran to the front. Once inside I ended up separating from my friends and ended up in the second row.


The second concert was a year later at the Observatory in North Park which was also a small venue. I was already on christmas break so I got to the venue at 8 a.m. Crazy, I know but totally worth it. I was pretty much like the 20 something person in line. I met some really nice girls in line who I later became friends and ended up seeing again the following year at their concert.

This concert was only days before they released I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. They played the sound and I went insane with the rest of the people there. I’m so glad I heard the live version first because it was way better than the studio. Well not that it was better but the moment was perfect.

The following year I saw them in October 2016 and it was full of different emotions. First of it wasn’t a small venue and we had assigned seats which was so sad. I danced, laughed and cried. This second album had a real emotional connection with me and things that had happened or things I was going through. Im seeing them again in April and I honestly can’t wait.


Fast forward and its April now! What can I say this band blew my mind once again. My concert buddy Sofia, and my sister were the people that came to this show with me. Sofia and I have seem them together (that’s basically how we met) and it was my sister’s first time.


The show was in the same venue as last time (assigned seats which sucks!!) but this time we were much closer!! Their backdrops are amazing, the way Matty interacts with the crowd is beautiful and the setlist was even better.

Twenty Øne Piløts


These guys are also a duo that give such a crazy fun show!! Tyler and Josh are such a great pair they honestly surprise you so much.  I didn’t get into TØP until later than everyone else. My best friend Caro would always tell me to listen to them and never really did until they came up on Spotify. I regret not listening to Caro as soon as she told me because I was sooooooo impressed by their different kind of music.



The concert was amazing and I completely lost my voice by the end of the concert and couldn’t talk the next day. The things Tyler does on stage are WILD but makes the show much more interesting. The way he throws himself into the crowd and climbs on stuff is pretty impressing and I had not seen an artist interact with their crowd so much in such a long time.  10/10 for this concert can’t wait to see them on tour again!


5 Seconds of Summer


I feel in love with these Aussies since the very beginning. I’ve seen them live 6 (twice as opening act for 1D, LA acoustic show, The Forum, ROWYS & Sounds Live Feels Live tour) times and they never stop putting on such a great show!

First Acoustic show with aprox. 500 people 

Being lucky enough to attend their LA acoustic show has been one of the best memories ever. This show was literally $13 and it included meet and greet!! I was dying on the inside when it was my turn to take my picture and talk to them. Calum was the first one I hugged and he gave me the tightest best hug out of the first.

My meet and great picture is so funny because I feel like it reflects perfectly how I was feeling at that moment lol


The energy that 5SOS has on stage is incredible. They don’t show any sign of being tired and you can just tell they enjoy very much putting a great show for the crowds.




Arctic Monkeys


Arctic Monkeys was one of the bands that got me into rock and alternative music. When they announced their tour I was so excited and couldn’t wait till the concert came. I knew about Arctic Monkeys back in like 7th grade when a teacher aide talked to me about them. The first album I ever listened to was Favorite Worst Nightmare, and my favorite song being Old Yellow Bricks.

The concert was so much fun and Alex Turner is a sexy sexy man. His dance moves were so sexy and the way he talks to the crowd is amazing.




I started following and listening to Flume a little before he made it big and got really popular. His music was just amazing and different than the usual. Flume was my first solo DJ concert/rave. I went with my best friend Jessica and had such a blast! This is the longest concert I’ve been to and the one where I can say that the money I paid for was worth it. The concert started at around 8pm and did not end till like 1:30 a.m! I got in trouble for getting home so late since it was on a Sunday and I had class at 7 a.m the next day lol but it was totally worth it.


The experience was incredible! Jessica and I kinda got separated at a point cuz the concert was general admission and I met some pretty cool people around me. (Guess I should specify that by “cool people” I actually mean hot shirtless guys around me) Everyone was so into the music I personally relaxed and had so much fun.

Something else that I really liked were the lights and his backgrounds. They were so colorful and the way the lights projected were really cool.


The Vamps


The Vamps concert was actually a late birthday present for my sister. Funny story the concert was the day of my birthday lol. I knew only a handful of songs but that didn’t stop me from having fun.

They way they interact with their crowd was one of the things I really enjoyed. They got everyone to get up and dance and just let lose.


They had specials guest who were the janoskians! The janoskians came out during girls on tv, where they were dressed as girls and mid song took the wigs off and started goofing around on stage with The Vamps.



My sister and I were waiting for my mom to pick us up on the street when a car pulled up next to and and waited at the stop light. I look over and see that skip lowered the window and was just chilling with everyone! I literally ran up to their car without even looking if there were any cars coming and started chatting with them. I was so excited and they were some of the most down to earth guys ever.