Kaaboo 2016


Kaaboo was my first music festival ever. This festival took place in Del Mar, California right next to the beach. It was three days long and the line up was pretty cool. The people I got to see were The Chainsmokers, Rebelution, Capital Cities, Grouplove, Echosmith, SnoopDog, Fall Out Boy, The Struts, Flo Rida and others which I can’t think of right now.


This festival was paradise for me considering that concerts are something that I absolutely love. I went to this festival with my two best friends Caro & Camille.


One of the nights was completely crazy. Basically Steve Aoki was one of the headlines but they put him in a closed space inside the festival. Clearly everyone wanted to see him but the space was so limited. We ended up not being able to get in and everyone was getting mad. The police came and pretty much shut down the festival for the night. We wanted to head back to the hotel since it was like 1 a.m but none of the ubers could get in because the police had blocked all entries to the festival. We ended up walking back to the hotel which took about 45 min. We were all so over it tbh but I’m glad I can laugh about it now.



Another great memory is that somehow we were able to sneak in alcohol into the venue. This is so horrible but honestly the struggle of not being 21 lol. I sneaked in tequila and added it to pink lemonade and it was so good. Evidence is right above on the picture of me holding it.


So many of the artist blew me away especially Grouplove and Capital Cities. The were both amazing I’m so glad I got to see them preform. Another act that honestly was so much fun and wild was chainsmokers. Alex ate shit on stage which was pretty funny and their set was mind blowing.