January Favorites!


Welcome to the first post of favorites for this year.

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Starting with products the first thing we have is the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette. I’ve had this palette for a while but this month I really used it. I would mostly use it for work and ocacionally for other events. My favorite thing about this is the colors that is has. Its a perfect blend of nudes and shimmery. You can create a very simple look or go as bold as you want!


The next item in the picture is the Wet n Wild nail polish in the tone casting call. My favorite color this month has been pink and this polish goes well with everything. I love wet n wild because their nail polish last a long time.

The NYC Big Bold Volume mascara is the mascara that I use as my first coat. I love the wand because it separates the lashes and doesn’t leave them clumpy.


The Lint Roller is my new best friend. Since January was a cold month I would mostly use sweaters, and often these sweaters would leave their little fuzz behind (especially on leggings). I purchased the lint roller at forever21 and it was only $1. Its ver small and very practical to take on the go.

And the final item on the list is probably my favorite one out of the 5. I got this Contigo travel mug as a Christmas present and it BLEW MY MIND! This travel mug keeps your coffee/hot beverages hot for over 4+ hours!! Yes 4 hours or more. I could not believe it. The first day I used it I made coffee at home that I was gonna take to work. I pretty much made the coffee, stood at the border for about 2 hours finally got to work and it had been like 3+ hours since I made it. I was expecting it to be warm but when I took a sip I burnt my tongue. Im also the type of person who makes coffee and lets it sit for a bit to chill but ends up forgetting so by the time I remember its already cold. So this has got to be the perfect Travel mug ever!

Music Favorites ♪

I feel it coming – The Weeknd, Daft Punk

Nana – Polo & Pan 

Holdin On – Flume

Tompkins Square Park – Mumford & Sons

As you can see my music favorites are all over the place lol. These are just songs that have really been on repeat on my spotify and that I have really enjoyed this month.



I started following and listening to Flume a little before he made it big and got really popular. His music was just amazing and different than the usual. Flume was my first solo DJ concert/rave. I went with my best friend Jessica and had such a blast! This is the longest concert I’ve been to and the one where I can say that the money I paid for was worth it. The concert started at around 8pm and did not end till like 1:30 a.m! I got in trouble for getting home so late since it was on a Sunday and I had class at 7 a.m the next day lol but it was totally worth it.


The experience was incredible! Jessica and I kinda got separated at a point cuz the concert was general admission and I met some pretty cool people around me. (Guess I should specify that by “cool people” I actually mean hot shirtless guys around me) Everyone was so into the music I personally relaxed and had so much fun.

Something else that I really liked were the lights and his backgrounds. They were so colorful and the way the lights projected were really cool.