Viva Las Vegas!


Vegas is a place my family and I visit almost every summer. Its one of our favorite getaways to just chill.


The gelato booth inside the Caesar’s Palace is my sister’s and I’s favorite treat for the hot weather.

Most of the time we are walking down the strip and going over to the malls. When its too hot we go to the pool and relax the whole day there. Another reason we visit Vegas is cuz we have family there, so its nice to stop by and say hello.



Another one of my family’s and I’s place to stop by is Carlo’s Bakery. The pastries they have there are soooo good we always end up buying 4 each #sorrynotsorry


On our last visit I discovered a new place on the way to Vegas called Seven Magic Mountains. Its so pretty and the rocks look fake. They are  huge and super colorful as you can see in the picture above.