Pura Vida


Pura Vida is a coffee shop located in Bariro Logan in San Diego. Their theme is so cute, its one of my favorite designs ever. Pretty much it focuses on the Mexican culture and uses decorations like Frida Kahlo, “El Pato” sauce containers as flower vases and mexican inspired art.



My friend Jessica was the one who told me about this place. We went together and each ordered something different. I got the Horchata iced latte and she got the chai latte.


Ho Chi Minh Trail


Something that I love about San Diego is the many hiking trails that it has. This trail is sort of a local’s hidden trail that not everyone knows about its basically hidden. The trail literally starts between two houses in La Jolla. Not gonna lie it’s a little dangerous but the view is stunning and the beach at the end of the trail is a great reward.


If you’re ever in San Diego you should definitely check this trail out! Not gonna completely say where exactly it is but this is the address you need to get there: 9883 La Jolla Farms Rd, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA. Good luck and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did.



This band is the BEST thing in the whole world!! I have no words to describe how amazing they are and how good they sound live. The first song I ever heard was chocolate. The beat was so catchy I just needed to know more about them.

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This picture is from the first time I saw them live. It was at a venue called soma and it was the best/worst experience of my life! I’m pretty sure they sold too many tickets cuz it was packed! I was literally shoved, elbowed, stepped on and got my hair pulled by a girl (I wish I was lying). This show was nuts! So many girls yelling and pushing to make their way to the front I could not believe it.

I was so lucky to make it to the front. I got to the venue at 5 and there was already a line so I knew my chance of being close was over. Luckily a friend who got there early let me cut so I was a little closer in the line. The main reason why I made it to the front was cuz of chaos. Around half and hour before the doors opened the line went out of control and everyone ran to the front. Once inside I ended up separating from my friends and ended up in the second row.


The second concert was a year later at the Observatory in North Park which was also a small venue. I was already on christmas break so I got to the venue at 8 a.m. Crazy, I know but totally worth it. I was pretty much like the 20 something person in line. I met some really nice girls in line who I later became friends and ended up seeing again the following year at their concert.

This concert was only days before they released I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. They played the sound and I went insane with the rest of the people there. I’m so glad I heard the live version first because it was way better than the studio. Well not that it was better but the moment was perfect.

The following year I saw them in October 2016 and it was full of different emotions. First of it wasn’t a small venue and we had assigned seats which was so sad. I danced, laughed and cried. This second album had a real emotional connection with me and things that had happened or things I was going through. Im seeing them again in April and I honestly can’t wait.


Fast forward and its April now! What can I say this band blew my mind once again. My concert buddy Sofia, and my sister were the people that came to this show with me. Sofia and I have seem them together (that’s basically how we met) and it was my sister’s first time.


The show was in the same venue as last time (assigned seats which sucks!!) but this time we were much closer!! Their backdrops are amazing, the way Matty interacts with the crowd is beautiful and the setlist was even better.

All Time Low


I can honestly say that this has been my favorite concert experience ever. My friend Sofia and I bought our tickets for this concert literally a week before. It was the most random thing ever. All time low pretty much did like a last minute pop up show in San Diego . They didn’t give it much publicity so it was very low key.

I literally looked up the setlist, downloaded the songs and listened to the setlist pretty much 24/7 so that I learned the lyrics. I was never such a big fan of them but knew that they were a band I needed to see live before I die.


The ticket was like $20 so I was like why not lets go and see how it is. Best decision ever!!! The concert was at a venue called Soma here in San Diego that is basically like a large storage room. I was hesitant about going because the last time I was at that venue I had a bad experience cuz it was so crowded.

As you can see in the picture above we had a pretty good view of the stage, there wasn’t as much people and you had enough space to move. The opening act was Sleeping with Sirenes. This was my first time experiencing a mosh pit and it was INSANE! I wasn’t directly in it, but it was right behind were Sofia and I were standing.



Once All Time Low came out it was so much fun. The vibe inside the venue felt so good everyone was pretty much rocking out and having fun. They put on such a great show I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. Once the last song came out I literally dragged Sofia and I through the crowd and made it pretty much to the front as you can see in the picture below.  If you ever get the chance to see them live, please go and just enjoy yourself!